ONE Triple X (OTX) is a lifestyle brand promoting self love and healthy relationships within the black and brown community. We believe that self expression, excitement and exploration (The Triple X) are at the core of discovering life's simplest of pleasures. And through our products and workshops, it is our mission to help you on your journey of discovery.  



 In today's age of social media, constant comparison can sometimes leave us feeling lesser than we truly are. We close off instead of opening up, leaving us feeling less authentic. OTX is changing this. We believe in and stand behind YOU, and aim to bring confident self expression back into the mainstream through conscious fashion.  


As the saying goes, "the only difference between excitement and fear is the attitude you have about it". Two sides of the same coin, OTX aims to help the world receive the unknown by exciting all of your senses, fully preparing you to experience an orgasmic life . 


Exploration is a key aspect of a well-lived life, a counter-attack to the stagnation that holds us back from living a life aligned with our authentic selves. OTX encourages exploration through education, love, and acceptance.